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Evidence Submitted to the Work & Pensions Committee in 2015 Oral Evidence

Written Evidence

Government’s Estimate of Women Affected (Excel Spreadsheet) Constituency estimates of women affected by State Pension Age changes
Fact Sheet for MPs (updated Feb 2020)
MPs Fact Sheet 2020
Factsheet for WASPI Members (updated Feb 2020)
Members and supporters factsheet 2020
Freedom of Information Request Response from the DWP
General Union Leaflet Leaflet for Union Members 2019
House of Commons Briefing Increases in the State Pension age for women born in the 1950s
Pensions Act Pensions Act 1995
State Pension Age Calculator State Pension Age timetables
WASPI A5 Flyer (new from April 2019) WASPI A5 Flyer
WASPI in the News (list updated regularly) WASPI Media References (to Jul 2019)
Press and Media References (from Jul 2019)
WASPI Membership Ts & Cs Membership Terms and Conditions