After a difficult period of disruption to the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) Campaign we’re pleased to announce that the temporary management team have declared their intention to step down.

This means that the resolutions passed by Members at the Extraordinary General Meeting, for Angela Madden, Carole Archibald, Jane Cowley& Susan Beevers, to be reinstated as the Board, has now been exercised.

We can now get the Campaign back on track. Proper governance, transparency and accountability will be restored and accurate audited accounts filed. We will be writing directly to all members and re-opening the membership scheme shortly.

We regret the confusion this has caused, and assure Members that as promised the recruitment and election of a new Board will commence, as well as the restoration of the Members’ Committee to have its say. The intention is to re-establish constructive working relationships with Members of Parliament in all Political Parties and with Trade Unions and other organisations who supported the WASPI Campaign. We will also be working hard to secure proper legal representation again for our claims of Maladministration to the DWP, and to further talks with the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

We would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and look forward to getting things back on track.

The WASPI Team