‘Back to 60’ Judicial Review: 5-6 Jun 2019


Many of you will be aware that Back to 60 has called for a Judicial Review (JR) regarding State Pensions for 1950s-born women.  We have indicated that while we wish them well in their endeavours their ask is different from ours. 

WASPI have spent four years campaigning for fair transitional arrangements for 1950s-born women. This would take the form of a bridging pension, not means tested, between our original State Pension age and our new one, with compensation for those who have already reached State Pension age and lost out.  We are not campaigning for the State Pension age to revert to 60.  It is essential for the credibility of the campaign that we remain true to our ‘ask’.

Our complaints of maladministration process are either closed or on hold while the Judicial Review procedure continues.  Afterwards WASPI will take legal advice as to how to proceed. 

No matter what the outcome of the JR it is expected there will be a period of consideration by the Department of Work and Pensions and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman before we will clearly know how to proceed.  We ask for your patience at this time.

This information has already been communicated to Members in the Members Area on the website.

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