Judicial Review Update – 3 Oct 2019


The WASPI Campaign acknowledge the efforts on behalf of Back to 60 on trying to secure redress for 1950s-born women who have lost so much of their State Pension.  The expectations of some women were very high and there will be considerable disappointment today about the case being lost.

WASPI have always considered our ask to be reasonable and achievable.  We will continue to campaign both to seek genuine cross-party support in Westminster, and to seek justice via the complaints of maladministration process.

Both the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman  (PHSO), who are both central to our complaints process, will be considering this outcome.  WASPI will be writing to the DWP for further information.  The PHSO has already advised us that after a period of consideration they will take a decision on whether and how to proceed with sample cases they were reviewing before the Judicial Review process caused this to be put on hold.

Please be patient while we assemble advice before being able to bring you an update.