Supreme Court reject Back to 60s appeal


WASPI understands that the Supreme Court have refused permission to appeal for Back to 60s failed Judicial Review. While this was nothing to do with our campaign, and therefore not our fight to lose, many women will feel let down today. Many were persuaded that full restitution of their State Pension was feasible.

Women Against State Pension Inequality will continue to strive to achieve compensation for all 1950s women affected by the changes to our State Pension age(Spa). While we know that increasing the SPa was not illegal we continue to pursue our complaints of maladministration about how the Department of Work and Pensions failed in their communication of those changes. The impact of that poor communication will adversely affect WASPI women for the rest of their lives.

Our Campaign goes on, scarred from the setbacks we have had to overcome since 2015, but determined to see it through.

We very much appreciate the support we receive.