What’s happening now in the Judicial Review

Our case is awaiting the Court’s attention and the Ombudsman has ‘acknowledged service’ in the last few days.
‘Acknowledging service’ is a formal step where he, as the Defendant, confirms he has received and considered the papers we have filed with the Court and wants to actively participate in the case. His acknowledgement of service form says he resists our judicial review claim without giving detailed reasons for doing so, which is permitted by the Court rules (the strict requirement for a full defence applies later on, though sometimes a summary is sent to the Court at this stage).
However, WASPI has always taken the view that the best outcome in this case would be an early settlement which would lead to the Ombudsman’s findings on injustice (which we say are unlawful) being reconsidered again as quickly as possible. Discussions with the Ombudsman’s lawyers are currently taking place to explore whether that is possible. The Ombudsman has also told the Court about this in his acknowledgement of service form.
We will update you on the outcome of the discussions as soon as we can. Meanwhile, as promised, here is the link, are the complete legal arguments WASPI has put before the Court, which are called the ‘Statement of Facts and Grounds’. Note, for obvious reasons our lawyers have blanked out some sentences about the identities of individual complainants and the draft Stage 3 Report (that was sent in confidence to WASPI and those whose complaints the Ombudsman is investigating).
Thank you for your ongoing support for the judicial review.