After a bumper week for WASPI, the government is hoping the news agenda will move on and everyone will forget us again. But we aren’t going to let that happen!
Our big task now is to get a vote in Parliament on compensation for WASPI women. This is an election year and every MP would be under huge pressure to vote FOR compensation.
To make it happen, we need a huge number of supporters to sign our ***open letter*** to the Leader of the House of Commons, Penny Mordaunt. It’s her job to decide what MPs debate and when.
If she decides to give MPs a chance to debate and vote, we will be well on the way to delivering compensation for WASPI women.
Please sign and share our letter TODAY, as we want to deliver it to her on Monday morning!…/mps-must-vote-on-waspi…
Please note any request for donations on the petition page are not for the WASPI Campaign and are entirely voluntary.


  1. I am just one of the many women who never got any letter or communication about the change in Pension age. I am now 69, and continue to work Full time to make ends meet. I am lucky that I can work, there must be many women who can’t. You would think that at least one of the Political Parties would pledge to pay us what we are rightfully owed.
    Well done all of you who are running this campaign…
    Eira Reed.

    • I am another victim of this scandal – when I protested to DWP
      that I hadn’t been informed of the change in retirement date I was told that there had been posters on the side of buses giving information about the changes ?? When ? Where ? And how is that a safe and effective way to make sure the information gets to the right people. Justice is all we ask.

  2. Still working at 66 yrs of age .
    It disgraceful the way we have been misled after years of supporting the economy and nursing for forty years and lost out on thousands of pounds of hard earned pension rights.

  3. I paid contributions in full towards my pension, my husband keeps control of “our money” this is not a benefit. this is national insurance my husband got his pension at 65 why didn’t I. This is money I and many other women are owed we should be paid in full for the money we have lost. Where is the justice in all of this. This money has effectively been stolen from us.