Find a local group


      WASPI International

      WASPI International is a group exclusive to WASPI women who do not have an address in the UK and permanently live elsewhere in the world. International group members are encouraged to join the main campaign and actively support the WASPI aims wherever they live. To request membership, click on the link and answer a few questions.

      New Groups

      If you are interested in starting a new official WASPI group in your area, please get in touch. You would need to be a WASPI member and be wholly behind aims of the WASPI ‘ask’. Local groups use Facebook as a way of keeping in touch so you would also need to be prepared to use that method of social media.

      WASPI groups are hugely important as they bring the campaign to your local area. We have an international network of wonderful women who would welcome you and we would make sure you have one of our very experienced coordinators to mentor you when you start.

      Becoming an Official WASPI Local Group
      If you have already been coordinating a WASPI local group, are a member of Women Against State Pension Inequality Limited and would like to discuss becoming an official WASPI group feel free to email Sandra Broadbent