Coronavirus COVID-19 Update


The UK is going through an unprecedented period of uncertainty due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We have heard from our members the many ways in which the crisis is affecting them, from women who are self-employed and worried about their income to WASPI women being called back to the frontline in the NHS. Whilst they face many of the same issues as the rest of the population, we are concerned about the disproportionate impact the outbreak could have on 1950s-born women who are already suffering severe hardship, and now find themselves in an even more challenging position. Yet again, it seems that WASPI women are falling through the cracks and could be badly hit by the short and long-term impacts of this outbreak.

WASPI is supportive of the measures that the Government has announced to help prevent the transmission of the virus, and we encourage all supporters, members and followers to follow the latest Government guidance. We will continue to represent all 1950s-born women and are closely monitoring the ongoing situation. At this moment in time, the most powerful way that you can represent WASPI women is by writing to your MP directly about your personal situation and how COVID-19 is affecting you.