Evidence Submitted To Parliamentary Committees

Committees consider policy issues, scrutinise Government work, expenditure, and examine proposals for primary and secondary legislation. Committees particularly relevant to WASPI are The Work and Pensions Committee (Chair: Stephen Timms) and The Women and Equalities Committee (Chair: Caroline Nokes). The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on State Pension Inequality for Women (Co Chairs: Andrew Gwynne, Peter Aldous) are considering how best to resolve the injustices caused by the DWP’s Maladministration of the Communication of changes to the State Pension Age. We regularly check the Committee schedules, and will provide evidence to any inquiry which can influence the Government to improve the situation of WASPI women. Below are links to evidence already accepted by various inquiries.



 Committee Inquiry Date Evidence Published Link to Evidence
State Pension Inequality for Women Perspective on PHSO report and other issues pertinent to the APPG 18-Oct-21 Waspi Submission
Economic Affairs Employment and Covid-19 23-Sep-20 EcAff EMP0016
Covid-19 Life Beyond Covid 18-Sep-20  Covid-19 LBC0236
Women & Equalities Unequal Impact: Coronavirus and the gendered economic impact 17-Sep-20 CVG0041
Health & Social Care Social Care: Funding and Workforce 08-Sep-20 SCF0080
Work & Pensions DWP’s preparations for changes to the world of work 22-Jul-20 W&P PCW0016
Treasury Economic Impact of Coronavirus 16-Jun-20 Treasury EIC0457
Work & Pensions DWP’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak 10-Jun-20 W&P SWP0085
Women & Equalities Unequal Impact: Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the impact on people with protected characteristics 03-Jun-20 W&E MRS0186
Work & Pensions Oral Evidence: Understanding the New State Pension 16-Dec-15 W&P HC 550-ii
Work & Pensions Written Evidence: Understanding the New State Pension  Dec 15 W&P USP0084